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A real family business
Our green message... the Saclà way | For seventy years, Saclà have been making food with care, flair and love. We've a real respect for tradition, honouring the wisdom of age-old techniques in growing and preserving vegetables, following the rhythm of the season wherever we possibly can. | Find out more >
  In Italy cooking is an art-form and here at Sacla' we have perfected the technique with a divine fusion of selected Mediterranean ingredients.

Our results are delicious Pesto, Stir Through pasta sauces and Antipasti. Even the finest Italian food connoisseur could not resist them.

This is our world, this is our art, the art of Saclà.
  Saclà products - Italian food - Pesto, pasta sausages and antipasti  
Visit italian website www.sacla.it
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Our story begins in Asti about seventy years ago...
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