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Saclà: the nature of respect

We love what we do and our products represent what we are. We choose genuine products that protect the environment, selecting seasonal raw materials prepared without adding any colorings or artificial preservatives.

Italian spirit

Being passionate, warm and enjoying what we do. We are “Italian exploring gardeners” and we create delicious and healthy simple foods, by making the most out of our Italian food knowledge and keeping roots in the garden of Italy. Our vision is to celebrate and share our Italian family’s intense love for food with other people all over the world.

We are creative

Inventive and imaginative, we are always aiming to be food pioneers looking everyday for new solutions to combine innovation, flavors and healthy ingredients. As part of our strong culture of quality, we have always been working on a complete control of the supply chain, from the fields to production and shelves, and always innovating starting from the Italian traditions (we develop more than 1000 new recipes per year to satisfy all tastes and the newest market trends).


Reliable, down-to-earth and authentic. First of all we are an Italian family (also mentioned on our new logo pay-off), we were born as “gardeners” and from these roots we gained expertise working with raw materials, we learned respect for the land and developed our down-to-earth attitude. It’s important that we stay true to who we are, so we can build, make the right choices, inspiring people with positive lifestyles.


Honest and fair to our consumers, clients and Mother Earth. Responsibility is at the base of our daily activities: we take care of employees and we are fully committed to respect the planet, using renewable resources, constantly reducing wastage and packaging impact and, last but not least, selecting seasonal raw materials prepared without adding any coloring or artificial preservatives.