Saclà: a family business

Three generations of the Ercole family have shaped the deep cultural roots of Saclà. From early beginnings, in 1939, each generation has built on the spirit of creativity, flexibility and enthusiasm that is at the heart of our philosophy and culture. Saclà was founded in Asti, in the fertile region of Piemonte, Northern Italy. For many centuries the “Astigiano” – the region around Asti – has been well-known for its abundance of delicious vegetables.

Piera and Secondo Ercole, the founders of Saclà, used their knowledge of this region and set about preparing preserved vegetables. Since then, the company’s strategy has been focused on processing freshly picked produce to preserve their authentic taste. At the same time, Saclà worked to broaden its offer and soon established itself as one of the most progressive food manufacturers in Italy. Today it is the market leader Italy in olives, pickled vegetables and antipasti.

Carlo Ercole, the elder son of our founders, has inspired our creativity. Blessed with all the produce of the fertile soil of the Piemonte region, we share his passion for superb local vegetables, cooked to authentic local recipes. This is the secret behind the delicious taste of every jar of pesto, pasta sauce and antipasti we make.

Lorenzo Ercole, younger son of the founder, joined the company when it was expanding rapidly both in Italy and International market. The success was due to the family accord with Carlo on the creative side and Lorenzo – today President and Managing Director of the company – focusing on the technical details. We now have the technical expertise to capture the full flavour of local and regional produce picked in season and at the height of perfection. This respect for the seasonality of produce has helped to shape our company culture, protecting and developing longstanding relationships with the local community and especially our suppliers and the farmers with whom we partner.

Saclà family

Today Saclà is still a family-owned company thanks to the involvement of the third generation, with Lorenzo’s daughter Chiara and Carlo’s daughter Lucia, working at Lorenzo’s side. Their shared passion for irresistible Italian food and for the authentic food of Italy is still the driver for new technologies and innovative product ideas, which has led to the company’s success in nearly 50 countries covering all 5 continents. Our hopes are for Saclà to remain a family business. We look forward to a future where the next generations of the Ercole family continue to guide the Saclà philosophy with an enthusiasm for excellence at the heart of everything we do.