Saclà Italia from 1939

Established in Asti in 1923 under the name of SALPA (Stabilimento Astese Lavorazione Prodotti Alimentari) the Company’s aim was to capture the bounty of the fertile region of Piedmont, North West Italy, in which it is still based today, to preserve it through the year for wholesale trade.

In 1939 the corporate name changed to SACLÀ which stands for the “Società Anonima Commercio e Lavorazione Alimentari”. The Company expanded and prospered under the guidance of its founder, Signor Secondo Ercole. From early beginnings packing vegetables into cans, Saclà extended its range of products and soon flourished as one of Italy’s most progressive food companies.

Today Saclà offers a range of products such as pesto and pasta sauces, antipasti in oil, pickled vegetables and a wide range of olives which are in demand, not only in its domestic market, but the world over.

The products are made in Italy using the finest, freshly picked vegetables and traditional recipes, and there is an uncompromising regard for quality. In seventyfive years Saclà has earned a reputation for being at the forefront of authentic Italian fine food. Through a comprehensive program of product and technological development the Company is committed to expanding this further, and with it the renaissance of Italian cuisine.

“Milestones” in the company’s history:

  • Pioneering TV food advertising in Italy becoming brand leader in the domestic market with commercial on olives made in 1969;
  • First to introduce packed pitted olives;
  • Pioneering the use of twist-off jar closures for food;
  • Developments on methods of pasteurisation for food processing.
  • With its subsidiaries in Great Bretain (since 1991), France (since 1995), Germany (since 1999), US (2011) and middle East (2014) and a net of distributors and partners all over the world, Saclà has today achieved international presence in over 50 markets.
  • Saclà has remained a family-owned company being managed today by the second and third generations of the Ercole family. Their passion for authentic Italian food remains the driving force behind technological advancement and new product innovation.